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The group is dedicated to photos, drawings, paintings, dolls, clothing, weapons, cosplay, reenacting, and anything and everything history related! We're not a women only group, but our members tend to be of the female persuasion. We don't require submissions, ask people to rack up points, or have contests, all we expect is a love for history!
1) No spamming, hating, offensive language
2) Yuri and yaoi is not acceptable in any form, but we do not tolerate homophobia or any kind of hatred towards any group
3) Keep things history related (fan art is fine, but no screen shots)!
4) Flood us with anything and we will have to kick you out or limit you
5) Five submissions a week, that goes for faves too! Affiliates can and are encouraged to submit art!
6) I do reserve the right to create new rules

Rules as of April 7th, 2013

Want to affiliate with us? Just send us an invite! All we ask is that you are related to history in some way :)

With love, Beth (founder) :iconhistorybuffy:
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 14, 2009


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659 Members
720 Watchers
29,279 Pageviews
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Hello everyone!

I'd like to welcome new members, watchers, and say hello to our new affiliates. :iconthedevilreborn: wants help identifying when a character from Resident Evil lived. Our fellow history buff is interested in telling her story, to help figure it out the details for her we have one picture to go by.…

I'm sure it's no challenge for my fellow 18th century lovers. I pinned it down to the 1760's to 1770's based on her dress. Thoughts? Send the deviant a message or post your thoughts in the comments below!


Featured Artwork
With love to our cos players and fashionistas

Renaissance dress II by :iconschlangenschatten:
Renaissance dress II by Schlangenschatten

Promenade D'Automne II by :iconlechatnoircreations:
Promenade D'Automne_II by LeChatNoirCreations

Viking Maiden by :iconmadmoisellemeli:
Viking Maiden by MADmoiselleMeli

Lucrezia by :iconvelasama14:
Lucrezia by VelaSama14


This Month in History!

April 1st, 1924 - Adolf Hitler was sent to Landsberg jail where he spends his time writing Mein Kampf that would later become required reading during his time as Führer.

April 6th, 1994 - The Rwandan genocide begins, "Beginning on April 6, 1994, Hutus began slaughtering the Tutsis in the African country of Rwanda. As the brutal killings continued, the world stood idly by and just watched the slaughter. Lasting 100 days, the Rwanda genocide left approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers dead." (From

April 7th, 1776 - "Navy Captain John Barry, commander of the American warship Lexington, makes the first American naval capture of a British vessel when he takes command of the British warship HMS Edward off the coast of Virginia. The capture of the Edward and its cargo turned Captain Barry into a national hero and boosted the morale of the Continental forces." (From

April 11th, 1951 - Truman relieves MacArthur of duties in Korea after his efforts to keep the Chinese out of the war failed because of the general's actions. "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it." - General Douglas MacArthur
"In the simplest terms, what we are doing in Korea is this: We are trying to prevent a third world war." - President Harry S Truman

April 25th, 1917 - The First Lady of Song and Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald is born in Newport News, Virginia. I'll let her music speak for itself.…

April 29th, 1974 - Nixon announces release of White House Watergate tapes (minus 18 minutes) in one of the biggest political scandals in the 20th century. "Until we have a better relationship between private performance and the public truth, as was demonstrated with Watergate, we as the public are absolutely right to remain suspicious, contemptuous even, of the secrecy and the misinformation which is the digest of our news." - John le Carre

Youtube finds!

There is no way I am the only member of the group to find Crash Course History, but to be sure everyone has the opportunity to be exposed to this wonderful show here's a link! Crash Course History is hosted by the New York Times winning author John Green, the web show gives a great over view of important parts of history from an honest perspective that is fresh and appealing. It aims to give people the truth and ends every segment with questions and pointing out lessons someone could take away from the period. Also on John's channel you will find he and his brother Hank's other series on science, English, and ecology.…

History in the News and Other Interesting Related Finds

Who else really like the way sports broadcasters spoke back in the 50s? Here's an explanation to their unique sound.…

This isn't an article, but a lecture I enjoyed about 18th century men given by Professor Amanda Vickery. Enjoy!…

Mummy Myths Busted, they weren't made how we originally thought.…

One historian suggests we bring back a campaign from the 1920's aimed at feeding the hungry in Europe after the devastating First World War.…
History Themed Web Comics

I love comics, I really really love comics. The only thing that could make the genre better for me is a history theme. Here's what you will find in my RSS feed. Tell me what you like to read!

Lackadaisy Cats - A speakeasy in the 1920's is having a hard time getting along after the owner dies leaving the business to his wife. Antics ensue as she tries to rebuild the business to its former glory. The comic is quirky and fun, and better yet the characters are cats! This comic is created by the deviant :icontracyjb:

The Dreamer - A teenage girl who knows nothing about the American Revolution finds herself in the middle of it when she falls asleep. Is she just dreaming, or is it something more? This is the work of :iconcomic-chic:

Family Man - My current favorite! Luther Levy is a drop out theology student in 18th century Germany (or what will eventually become Germany). He is defiantly confused and the enlightenment sweeping through Europe isn't helping, and neither is the strange daughter of the Rector. If you like werewolves, this is for you. Created by Dylan Meconis whose DA I can't find, that is if she has one. Also the creator of Bite Me!, a very funny web comic about vampires and the French Revolution that Family Man is a prequel to.

Dovecote Crest - This comic shows reenactors some love. It's about people who work on the site of an American Civil War battle called Dovecote. The current story arcs have dealt with the plight of female historians (and we do have a plight), and a visit from a casualty of the battle.

Much love,

Beth :iconhistorybuffy:
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